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Family Therapy

Family therapy is an effective method for managing and nurturing your family’s relationships, and can involve counseling for couples, children, and multigenerational families. Mind and Body’s specialized therapists offer tools and support to identify and address emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges in the family.

Family members aren’t just made family by blood, marriage, or adoption, they can also be co-parents, live-in caretakers, and close friends with whom we have developed extensive, sometimes complicated relationships.

The family dynamic is one of the strongest influences on our overall well-being and our children’s long term welfare. We learn both functional and dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes from our observations as well as our interactions with other family members over an extended period of time. Sometimes, these behaviors become unhealthy, disconnected, or are simply not conducive to ongoing healthy relationships inside or outside of our families.

Changes in just one family member influence the entire family, and when there are significant disruptions among or within a family, family therapy can help families to regain or develop a sense of wholeness and happiness.

Our family affects who we are and who we become, for better or worse. We learn our habits, our customs, rituals, and how to view and observe the world around us through those with whom we spend the most time.

Family therapy addresses these relationships or issues within the context of the “system” of the family. To solve a problem in a system, you need to consider all parts of the system. If one family member has an addiction, health issue, work-related stresses, etc., it doesn’t just affect that person, it affects all members of the family system. And often we see that life changes, even positive ones, can shift family dynamics. Mind and Body works with your family to facilitate healthy communication where everyone can feel both heard and seen.

Family therapy in Reno
Family therapy in Reno

The Benefits of Family Therapy Include:

  • Reduced conflict and better communication skills
  • Improved problem solving among family members
  • A better understanding of healthy boundaries
  • A safe environment in which to discuss difficult issues
  • Deepening trust between family members
  • Developing a supportive family environment
  • Helping the family deal with a crisis or change
Mind and Body Counseling Associates offers family therapy in Reno. If you are experiencing family difficulties, looking to develop stronger communication skills, or navigating change within your family unit and would like to discuss the option of family therapy with one of our qualified family therapists, call Mind and Body at 775-507-7222 and we will explore this treatment option with you.

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