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Progressive and Integrative Counseling

Mind and Body Counseling Associates is a Reno based therapy practice that serves the mental health needs of individuals, families, couples, children and teens. Founded in 1999 by our Executive Director, Dr. Diana Wright, Mind and Body has grown to one of the largest therapy and counseling private practices in the Reno area. Our depth of therapists ensures you will find the right counselor for your unique personality and life challenges. Making Mind and Body Counseling Associates a comprehensive and innovative resource for mental health.

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Our expert therapists help individuals, children and teens, couples and families with depression, anxiety and much more.

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Psychiatric Medication

Medication management plays a critical role in psychiatry to help patients improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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We treat a wide variety of mental health conditions and always take an individualized approach to treatment.



EMDR is a powerful approach to psychotherapy that promotes accelerated healing from emotional distress, including PTSD.

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Mental Health Experts

Meet Our Therapists

Our expert team of therapists treat conditions from anxiety and depression to PTSD and addiction. Let us pair you with the right counselor for your needs.

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Insurance and Rates

Mind and Body Counseling Associates in Reno accepts most major insurances for therapy and we offer cash pay options to patients as well.

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About Mind and Body Counseling Associates

Dr. Diana Wright, Psy.D is the founder and Executive Director of Mind Body Counseling Associates in Reno. In this video, she talks about the practice and why it is a valuable resource for patients in the Reno area. Mental health is a crucial component to physical health and quality of life. At Mind and Body we strive to meet the patient’s unique needs with a wide variety of skill sets and tools for healing.

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If you are interested in learning more about our premier counseling services, call (775) 507-7222.

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Mind and Body Counseling Associates
Mind and Body Counseling Associates
Mind and Body Counseling Associates
Mind and Body Counseling Associates
Mind and Body Counseling Associates
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