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I’ve been going here for two years and have had such a great experience. The ladies who work at the front are always so friendly and helpful. The waiting area is peaceful and I’ve never had any billing or insurance issues. My therapist has been Cindy Engel and she has helped me tremendously. I’ve seen a few therapists before but I am so happy I found her. She truly cares about her patients and is always there for them, especially in moments of crisis. I highly recommend seeking mental health help here!


I really love this practice. First and foremost, they’ve done a fantastic job of creating a sort of “zen” from walking into the waiting room, to the room you actually sit with your therapist in. The front desk is never anything short of fantastic. They’re friendly and efficient. And my therapist is amazing. She’s helped me so so much through EMDR, her sparkling personality and coping tools that feel realistic instead of silly and unattainable. I highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for a solid mental health professional.


Jenn McCombs is one of the best practitioners I have ever encountered. She is grounded, empathic, compassionate, and EFFECTIVE. I cannot say enough about how much she has helped my healing journey.


Best therapist I’ve had in awhile, if ever. The whole office is very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxing – exactly how a mental health clinic should be.


I have had great sessions and movement forward with Mr. Reid. I feel he really cares and is very knowledgeable of what I am going through. The book he gave me to read “The Grief Recovery” has been very helpful and eye-opening in my process as we discuss the many griefs/losses that I haven’t dealt with properly and have just tried to bury or push away.


My therapist at Mind and Body was such a refreshing change from prior care I’ve received. He took the time to thoroughly listen to my situation and provide helpful feedback. He kept our conversation upbeat and encouraging and offered great insight and solutions. I’m beyond thankful he was referred to me.


Mind and Body is great! Because of my therapist and psychiatrist I have been able to help myself a lot and continue to do so. This is a very professional and welcoming place to go.


I have never had such a positive and truly break-through therapy experience. Daniel has amazing methods and I’m happy to continue in my therapy journey at Mind and Body Counseling.


The people at Mind and Body Counseling really care about helping you reach your goals. Every experience has been top notch.


Dr. Diana has created a safe place to do the work you need to do in order to overcome the challenges of living in todays society and our current environment. I have grown immensely since working with Mind and Body Counseling. Thank you!


Annie is knowledgeable and she is helping me so much. I am thrilled I am seeing her, her therapy is making a positive and great addition to my life!


I have finally found a therapist that listens and makes me think by asking the right questions. I am so happy I have found a place that feels like a hug when you walk in the door.


Dr. Wright is the absolute best. She is full of wisdom and excellent advice. Highly recommend!


Life is wild, full of ups and downs, and I feel at ease knowing that I have Dr. Fuller to bounce ideas off of. I visit regularly and I’ve come to learn that even when I am feeling good about life the visits are still so worthy. Dr. Fuller, you saved me in this pandemic, thank you so much!!


Excellent front of house staff. Wonderful atmosphere. Our counselor was so understanding and helpful.


My experience with the staff and the front office personal has been a pleasure. They are professional, kind and very knowledgeable. If you identify with BIPOC or you’re hesitant to begin counseling, then you’ve found the place where you will feel welcome and accepted by staff and professionals. The counseling I’m receiving is the best I’ve ever experienced. My therapist has provided help and guidance that’s given me a better life. I would give her and MBCA an A+ rating.


One of the reasons I chose this practice was an abundance of practitioners in case I didn’t feel like I was working with the right person – but I lucked out and have really benefitted from my sessions with Jim. Everyone in the office is super kind and very time conscious. You’re never left waiting when it’s time for your appointment, and you never feel you’re being rushed out either. Very professional yet inviting.


Patricia was incredible. My daughter was really able to open up to her. It was obvious that she has a lot of experience working with children. She was super attentive and compassionate. I would highly recommend her.


The ambiance of the office is wonderful. It really gives the impression that you’re somewhere to heal. The front desk staff is very kind, friendly, and engaging. My therapist is sent from God. I definitely recommend this office to anyone who wants to improve their life through mental health.


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K W.
K W.
Dr Wright is caring and helps steer life steadily towards a bright future. Her staff is caring and discreet upon checking you in.
Ciara is awesome! I truly and deeply feel that my life has improved a great deal from the EMDR exercises. Patterns that were deeply ingrained have now been turned around. I have tried several other types of talk therapy and this has worked the best! I also LOVE the atmosphere and policies of the office. It's as if they recognize I am human and struggling and they are ready to help when and how they can. It is wonderful organization.
Response from the owner: Hello,Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share such wonderful thoughts about Ciara and our team here at Mind and Body Counseling Associates. I have known Ciara since she started working with us at MBCA and have always enjoyed her presence and have seen the positive impact she has on others lives. It is wonderful to learn that you have had a healing experience with your EMDR work and we wish all the best for you in the future.If there are any questions that you or anyone you know have for us please call the office at 775-507-7222, Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM.Ryan PerkinsChief Finance OfficerMind and Body Counseling Associates775-507-7222
Shawn T.
Shawn T.
Always friendly and professional. Great environment and the staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. Always a pleasant experience.
Matt L.
Matt L.
Very friendly and inviting staff. The ambiance is very welcoming and soothing. Jim Freeland was very personable and receptive to my situation.
Response from the owner: Greetings Matt,Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Jim and the team at Mind and Body Counseling Associates. I have known Jim for a while now and agree that he is personable and a real wonderful person to speak with. I wish you all the best in this new year and appreciate your time and using it to share your kindness with the Google community. If there are any questions that you or anyone you know have for us please call the office at 775-507-7222, Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM.Ryan PerkinsChief Finance OfficerMind and Body Counseling Associates775-507-7222

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