As more and more professional athletes open up about their struggles with mental health, their professional associations are taking action to do something about it rather than sweep it under the rug or impart shame on these athletes. In light of the confessions from NBA athletes like Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Keyong Dooling (retired NBA point guard) of their battles with mental health, the NBA has since created a new position: Director of Mental Health and Wellness. This position will make mental health a priority and further bring the subject out the shadows.

It is easy to believe that because these men (and women) make millions of dollars a year and bask in the limelight of fame that they couldn’t possibly have any issues pr struggles. However, this shift in perspective proves that no matter your wealth or social stature, you can suffer from mental illness. It is nothing to be ashamed of and the sooner huge organizations recognize that the more mainstream these issues will become.

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