Mental health is something that affects us all. Whether you are managing your mental health, or have friends or family members who you are supporting in their journey, it is something we collectively experience.

Having resources and destigmatizing conditions of mental health are crucial to helping people live fulfilling, healthy, and complete lives. That is why we, at Mind and Body Counseling Associates, are thrilled to support The Discovery Museum in bringing Mental Health: Mind Matters to the Reno community.

“When The Discovery brought us the opportunity to sponsor Mind Matters, it was an easy decision,” Ryan Perkins, our CFO said. “This exhibit will do so much to help open up the conversations around mental health and we wanted to be a part of that vision.”

About the Exhibit

Mental Health: Mind Matters uses hands-on immersive experiences and multimedia activities to provide a respectful, informative, engaging place where substantive learning, conversations, and social interactions can occur surrounding the topic of mental health.

Mental Health Mind Matters Exhibit

This exhibition creates a safe space for important conversations about mental illnesses and the misconceptions and stigma surrounding it. Mental illness touches all of our lives in some way, making this exhibition a timely and important resource.

Why We Support Mind Matters at The Discovery

Like physical illness, mental illness is not a ‘choice’ or a personal flaw but a medical condition that requires care. Yet misunderstanding of mental illness often leads to lack of treatment and needless suffering. That makes mental health a personal issue, a social issue, and an economic issue.

“Our therapists work with a diverse set of mental health conditions and people from all walks of life,” our founder, Dr. Diana Wright, Psy.D. said, “So supporting an exhibit that furthers those conversations and lets people know it is OK to take care of their mental health, and seek support if needed, is a perfect fit for Mind and Body.”

As a mental health practice that has been in Reno for 25 years, we feel it is our obligation to give back to the community whenever we can and for the right causes. We believe that Mind Matters being featured at a science museum like The Discovery is a perfect opportunity to help destigmatize mental health and help people better understand different mental health challenges. We hope you come out to experience the exhibit during its run from February 10th to the beginning of September, 2024.