Marriage is a beautiful accomplishment in your life; in most cases, you get to spend the rest of your life with your special someone. But we know marriage is not always easy, and relationships can be hard. While you may know a couple (or you may be that couple) where everything appears dreamy on the outside, you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. And, more often than not, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time.

We’re not saying that marriage isn’t worth it, just that it takes a lot of effort and communication from both parties to succeed. There are a lot of reasons why relationships are difficult, but here are nine of the main ones to keep in mind and overcome them:

1. Lack of Effective Communication

lack of effective communication

Effective communication is the key to a healthy relationship. couples do not let themselves be open, ask questions, and learn what their unique conflict management style is, they will struggle to get past the initial stages. 

Communication is necessary to solve conflicts, understand the point of view of your loved one, and create a healthy relationship that works for both parties.

2. Differences in Expectations

Possibly, one of the most dangerous killers of relationships is unrealistic expectations. After a while, fabulous first dates and courtship give way to routine and sometimes boredom. And, what’s worse, is many couples engage in lots of social comparisons, comparing stuff, partners, lifestyles — and that can set a high bar for your relationship

Having your expectations aligned with your partner is a must. You know that relationships are not always equal; sometimes, one person will have higher expectations than the other. If you want your relationship to work, you must discuss what you expect from each other and agree.

3. Emotional Baggage and Past Experiences

emotional baggage

Romantic relationships bring up unhealed issues, and trouble ensues when these issues inevitably surface. A lot of people run away from love at this point, thinking that they were fine until this person came into their life.

It is important that both partners can talk openly about past experiences and that they are aware of their emotional baggage. If this is not done in time, it can lead to arguments and misunderstandings that could ruin the relationship. If you feel like this is something your relationship needs, getting help from therapists in Reno for guidance on how to best navigate these conversations might be a good idea.

4. Lack of Trust and Betrayal

Your relationship will not last long if you don’t trust your partner. Building trust takes a lot of time and effort, but it can be broken instantly with just one act of betrayal. Some people never recover from this kind of hurt, so if you want your relationship to stand the test of time, ensure you are honest and loyal to each other.

5. Financial Conflicts

financial conflicts

Money is one of the main sources of conflict in any relationship. It’s important to have open and honest conversations about financial expectations and how each partner will contribute. If you don’t talk openly and honestly about money, it can create tension and resentment, leading to the breakdown of your relationship.

6. Different Communication Styles

Having different communication styles is natural, and it can be difficult for two people to come together. One person might be more talkative while the other is quieter, or one might be direct while the other prefers a more subtle approach. It’s important to understand each other’s communication style to discuss things effectively – if you don’t, the conversations can spiral out of control.

7. Lack of Quality Time

lack of quality time

We live in a world where there are far too many distractions. We’re always on our phones, watching TV or playing video games – and finding quality time together can be very difficult. We recommend making a conscious effort to spend quality time with your partner, whether taking walks together, having dinner dates, or just talking about what you did during the day.

If you start to spend your time in other activities without involving (when possible), your partner might feel neglected and build resentment towards you.

8. Incompatibility and Differences

Let’s be clear: values are different from interests. While common interests may bring you together initially, clashing values will drive you apart in the long run. It is essential to ensure that both of you have the same core values, such as similar beliefs about family and children or money. If one of you wants a family and the other doesn’t, this could be a constant problem for your relationship. 

We know that opposites attract, but if you are unwilling to compromise or have an open dialogue, this could become a huge issue.

9. External Stressors and Life Challenges

Sometimes, stress and personal problems can take a toll on your relationship. External stressors like work or money issues can easily be brought into your relationship if you are not careful. If one of you is going through a difficult patch, it’s important to talk openly about it and support each other.

Navigating the Challenges for Stronger Relationships

Relationships are hard work, but they don’t have to be impossible. It takes time and effort to build and maintain a strong and healthy relationship. If you feel like your relationship is stuck in the same spot, consider talking to a therapist from Mind and Body Counseling Associates.

One of our therapists can provide helpful tools to navigate the challenges of relationships and guide you to find healthy ways of communicating. To strengthen your relationship, schedule a session of couples therapy with one of our psychologists today!